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  • active support for cross-border expansion, growth and turnaround
  • investment coupled with active management
  • extensive experience & access in Asia and Europe
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Our Mission

Backing the next generation of global champions


Laursen van Swieten uses an experienced and skilled “boots on the ground”-approach to secure a reliable business expansion between the Asia and “Western” (EU, US) economies.

This means operating a dedicated team that moves a company from being a US or EU centered multinational, to having revenue driving operations in Asia. Vice versa we also expand Asian companies to the EU and US.

On the ground

Laursen van Swieten carries a mission to actively support companies in their cross-border activities between Europe, United States, and Asia.

This means operating a dedicated team that moves a company through complex corporate situations, which requires an experienced team with understanding of the local markets and the company’s global operations.

To get an idea of what this work looks like in practice, please follow us at  @laursenvanswieten