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Helping companies achieve and maintain leadership in niche technologies

  • active support for go-to-market, growth and challenges
  • investment coupled with active management
  • extensive experience & access in Europe and Asia
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Our Mission

Backing the next generation of global champions


Laursen van Swieten uses an experienced and skilled “boots on the ground”-approach to achieve an accelerated commercialization within niche sector and secure more reliable growth.

This means providing a dedicated team that supports the business development, contracting, risk management, and financial planning.

Our early involvement ensures a close cooperation with the management and understanding of the company. This guides our investment decisions and involvement of multinationals and co-investors in our network.

On the ground

Laursen van Swieten carries a mission to actively support companies with niche technologies in their commercialization and scaling.

This means operating a dedicated team that moves a company through complex corporate situations, which requires an experienced team with understanding of the local markets and the company’s global operations.

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