Pre-investment, Post-investment, Special situations

For decades, Western companies have sourced and produced in Asia, but struggled to build a sustainable market for their own products. This applies especially to high-tech B2B products and services. Yet the companies that have succeeded often regard Asia as their largest or second-largest revenue driver globally. At the same time, companies from Asia have struggled to penetrate Western markets with their own products and instead remained production companies.

Expanding businesses between Asia and the “West” (EU and US) requires a clear understanding of the market and regulations and the ability to build personal partnerships. Every partnership requires mutual trust between the decision-makers. There are no plug and play solutions. That is why every company needs a trusted facilitator to””bridge the gap”” and plan, execute, adapt and build its expansion.

To do this, companies need more than investment and high-level contacts. They need a pioneer, they need a builder. They need a local partner with a proven track record and an extensive network on both sides that can get things done and has a stake in their business. This is our expertise.