Fund Management, Founder/ESOP, Strategic Co-Investment

Accelerate returns

Investment Focus

We acquire stakes in niche technology companies, by way investment from our funds, acquiring founder shares or ESOP or entering into strategic partnerships.

All targets are selected based on our selection criteria, which covers their technology, operations and management. The post-investment value-add of active management support on the commercialization and internationalization is significant. 

Through access to global markets, and connection to business ecosystems, our portfolio companies are well positioned to become a “hidden champion”, which leads to dramatic value growth and becomes a prime acquisition target or IPO candidate.

In executing this investment strategy, our funds offer investors the following 3 advantages:

Early involvement

As an early commercialization partner and venture builder, LvS has preferential access to high-tech companies and is able to invest at preferential terms.

Growth partners

By providing access to multinationals, CVCs and new markets – we improve the product development and increase stable revenue growth

Active Management

Our active management of the expansion provides supervision and insight that board positions cannot achieve.

Value-add Due Diligence

Active Portfolio

We select technology companies in our focus industries and technologies that provide the best prospects for sustainable commercial growth. In this we act on true insight, not on dreams. Through our active management, early involvement and industry expertise, we can have a realistic view on the projections of each company we invest in.

Our current portfolio includes the following companies

Silenseed is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing proprietary RNA interference (RNAi)-based cancer drugs and delivery systems designed to effectively penetrate and treat malignant solid tumors.
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Soltaro Solar battery storage solutions for residential and commercial use.
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An open platform for art-lovers, artists, galleries, collectors, universities and anyone who is involved in the art world in some way.
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Advent makes HT-PEM fuel cells that convert hydrogen and other renewable fuels to electricity.
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Delectrik’s products are based on patented Stack and System design using a proven and mature Vanadium Redox Flow Battery chemistry. The products are designed to offer a highly scalable and flexible Energy Storage solutions.
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Arloid is Artificial Intelligence which automates energy management in Real Estate and solves the problem of unreasonably high energy consumption.
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