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China Expansion

Building High Performance Chinese Teams

Every experienced manager in China will tell you that the main challenge is to find good people and build an effective team. This sounds strange in a country with 1.4 billion people and 7.6 million fresh graduates each year [1], but HR is the bottleneck. This applies to multinationals as well as Chinese companies.

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China Energy

China’s Energy Storage Market: Trends and Opportunities | EcoLabs x Laursen van Swieten

China Expansion & Investment

Investor Connect – 585 – Gerard van Swieten of LvS Partners

China Expansion

Laursen van Swieten starts as China expansion manager of ORCA

China Expansion

Nick Laursen joined Gary Fowler and GSD Venture Studio in a conversation about China expansion.

Expansion Partnership

Laursen van Swieten is excited to announce its partnership with the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS).

Expansion Investment

Laursen van Swieten acquires stake in Proptexx

China Private Equity

EURObiz publishes Laursen van Swieten’s take on China Expansion and Private Equity.

China Strategic Cooperation

Tsinghua University – Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute & Laursen van Swieten cooperation

China Expansion

China as a Venture

Yes, the 21st century will be the ‘Asian Century’. This is one of the few predictions most economists can agree on. Between 2000 and 2017, Asia’s share of global real GDP in purchasing-power-parity terms rose from 32% to 42%, and its share of global consumption from 23% to 28%. By 2040, these two measures are expected to increase further to 52% and 39% respectively [1].

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China Expansion

Laursen van Swieten lands Arloid a pilot project in 30 days

Active Investment

Energy and Manufacturing in China: Insights from LvS and Ecolabs Collaboration

China is a strong growth market for energy and manufacturing sectors. During the collaboration between Ecolabs and LvS partners we found several key insights to achieving results in this market.

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