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China Savvy

Laursen van Swieten Increases Equity Stake in Soltaro


Capturing China’s Biotech Opportunity: Why and How

As the threshold in to China’s biotech market lowers due to regulatory support and increased investment, LvS discusses the incentives available to overseas innovators and ways to gain foothold in the market.

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China Savvy

Trip to West China

Last week (10th to 14th of August, ed.) LvS Partners traveled to key Chinese economic hotspots, Chengdu and Chongqing, to discuss investment possibilities for international companies. We sat down with top-level directors at 8 high-tech parks, district-level administration, municipal development officials, city-level investment funds, and private investors. Our agenda was simple: how do we invest and work together to expand international companies to West China?

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China Expansion

Chinese companies looking to Europe for Expansion

We have had increasing interest from Chinese companies in the industrial space coming to us for Europe bound expansions and investments.

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