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We invest in Western greentech, biotech and software companies for the sole purpose of expanding those companies to cover the technological demand in Asia.

The targets are globally leading tech companies. All targets are selected based on our specific “Expansion ready” selection criteria, which covers their technology, operations and management.

The post-investment value-add of active Asian expansion is significant. Once the expansion gains traction, the target has access to one of the world’s largest and fastest growing regions globally. Being able to capture a market share proves that the company can execute and compete.

This drives the global valuation rapidly higher and makes the company a preferred acquisition target or IPO candidate.

In executing this investment strategy, our funds offer investors the following 3 advantages:

Global Excellence

As an investing expansion partner, LvS has preferential access to high-tech companies and is generally able to invest at preferential terms

Asia Growth

Expansion to Asia provides exposure to high growth markets without the challenges of finding and investing directly.

Active Management

Our active management of the expansion provides supervision and insight that board positions cannot achieve.

funds List

LvS Asia Growth I

Invests in leading global companies in new energy and digital technology.

Allocated 80%

LvS Biotech II

Invests in global biotech and medical technology companies.

Allocated 100%

LvS Expansion III

Invests in mainly European high-tech and innovative companies.

Raising 15%

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