Trip to West China

Last week (10th to 14th of August, ed.) LvS Partners traveled to key Chinese economic hotspots, Chengdu and Chongqing, to discuss investment possibilities for international companies. We sat down with top-level directors at 8 high-tech parks, district-level administration, municipal development officials, city-level investment funds, and private investors. Our agenda was simple: how do we invest and work together to expand international companies to West China?

We came away with:

– Enthusiastic support to receive our portfolio companies
– Initial China market entry landing points
– East-to-west secondary market expansion points within China

LvS will be continuing our new cooperation in the fields of #biotechnology, #telecommunications, #BigData, #AI, #videotechnology, and #media and #digital #platforms.

We’ll continue to update our exploration of China expansion opportunities in future posts. #StayTuned.

#china #expansion

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